About Aikido




Aikido is a powerful and dynamic martial art system developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba. He dedicated his life to the martial arts learning jujitsu, aikijujitsu, sword, spear and eventually formulating his own and called it Aikido. At it’s highest level Aikido is often called “moving Zen” The aim is to bind and unify ‘mind, body and spirit’. When these elements come together power and speed flow naturally and spontaneously.

The focus of the Dojo (training hall) is practical. Repetition and hard work are required to master the fundamentals of training. These include throws, pins and locks. While the spirit of the training is martial, the students practice in a non-competitive atmosphere where the conditions of mutual learning is encouraged. Everyone gets a chance to learn.

The benefits of training include strength, flexibility, improved muscle tone and new skills.  In the Japanese martial arts, the mental training is not separated from the physical. They are treated as one and the same. The student of Aikido learns to identify and gain control of the ways in which he or she reacts to opposition and adversity, and so learns to remain centred and in control under these conditions.

The use of the bokken (wooden sword) and jo (120cm wooden staff) is a big part of training in Aikido of London. It plays an important part of the training, as it sharpens movements, focuses the mind and develops a higher level of sensitivity and contact.

Beginners are encouraged to join in after a few months as they get familiar with basic training. The students need to obtain the correct equipment before they can start. Weapons training and the associated equipment can be discussed with the teacher.



Iaidō (居合道),  iai (居合) is a traditional Japanese martial art of the sword. Iaido trains the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard (saya in Japanese), to strike or cut with a dynamic and elegant action.

Iaido is complimentary to Aikido and open to members who have established themselves in regular training. Contact the dojo if you have any questions.