Cultural events

Workshops and presentations

 Aikido of London offers training and bespoke workshops suitable for various cultural events and exhibitions. Our team of  teachers can assist to meet any of your requirements. From one off presentations to a developed program of training.

We have worked with various institutions to include

HK Strategies – Sekiro: Shadows die twice – Demonstration and weapons based workshop for major game press release

WACARTS – Education

Goldman Sachs – Corporate presentation and workshop

Hyper Japan – Cultural exhibition

The British Museum – Cultural Workshops

London Matsuri – Cultural presentation

If you are interested in a workshop or presentation or any Aikido and Iaido based program then please contact us using the form below.

Thank you so much once again for the fantastic workshop, I think this has been one of my favourite things we have done at the sleepovers. Thank you for all your hard work and also the help you gave to the special needs families it really made a huge difference.


British Museum