Aikido training


and fees




Membership £60pa to include insurance.

Class pass £130 for 10 sessions – expires in 100 days.

£110pm for unlimited training.


£15 per session by appointment and booking.

Juniors and students

Membership £30pa to include insurance.

£100 for 10 sessions per school term or 16 weeks. Unused sessions will expire.

Private Classes

From Monday – Saturday subject to availability. Enquire on the find us page for more information.

Classes & programs

Due to changing regulations the schedule is also subject to change.

Please note attendance by appointment and booking only. You will not be allowed in if you just turn up.

Monday 7-8pm | Weapons  8-9pm Iaido

Tuesday  No class

Wednesday 7-8pm Aikido | 8-9pm Aikido

Thursday 7-8pm Aikido | 8-9pm Iaido

Friday 7-8.30pm Aikido

Saturday 11-12pm  Children’s Aikido 7-15yrs

Saturday 11-12pm  Aikido beginners

Saturday 12-1pm Aikido/weapons